Hungarian National Values

2015. 06. 26.

It is a pleisure to announce that we are  proud owner of a brand new award!

This time the leading role belongs to our rightly famous history and its transmission since our hotel has got accepted to the Hungarian Repository of Values.

The Ministry of National Economy with the support of the Hungarian Hotel and Restaurant Association have advertised an invitation to tender about getting accepted to the Hungarian National Values and hungaricums within the branch of Turism and hospitality. The aim of the invitation meant to be indentifying those quarters by their architecture and the quality of their services provided that could be classed National Values according to the Act XXX OF 2012 on Hungarian National values and hungaricums.

Besides these criterions could Continental Hotel Budapest****superior operating  in the national monument building of  the one –time Hungária Spa got into the Departmental Repository.

The old building of today's Continental Hotel Budapest

Building of Continental Hotel Budapest nowadays