FIABCI Prix d'Excellence 2012

2012. 05. 15.


The most prestigious international real estate development award goes to Continental Hotel Budapest

The awards were presented at a gala dinner organized in the framework of the 63rd FIABCI Congress in St. Petersburg, Russia on 15 May, 2012. This year’s competition brought remarkable success for Hungary.

In Hungary, the winners were introduced at a press conference held in Continental Hotel Budapest on 22 May, 2012. Among the Hungarian candidates, Continental Hotel Budapest****Superior won victory in the Hotel Category, while the Telenor Headquarters of Törökbálint, the Kodály Centre of Pécs and the Zoo of Nyíregyháza obtained second prize. At the press conference, speeches were given by László Gönczi, President of the Hungarian Chapter of FIABCI, Zoltán Géher, hotel manager, Dr. Zsolt Páva, Mayor of Pécs, Gábor Zoboki, architect, as well as Dr. Ferenc Kovács, Mayor of Nyíregyháza. The performance given by two artists of the Pannon Philharmonic, flutist Judit Timár and violinist Balázs Bujtor was very well received. One of the inhabitants of the zoo, a king’s python called Kálmán, also honoured the event by his presence.

The International Real Estate Federation, the FIABCI organizes the International Real Estate Development Award for Excellence Competition (Prix d'Excellence) every year, whose objective is to select and reward the most successful ideas of real estate development. This award is considered to be highly prestigious all over the world, and all the speakers emphasized how proud they were of their achievements in the international market.

The principal criteria for judgement were the concept and the impact of the real estate development, its architectural and urban design standard, the quality of the construction, the technical solutions used and the duration of the implementation. Moreover, other aspects evaluated included the success of the development, its sales and rental potentials, its degree of exploitation as well as the environmental impact and the social benefits of the real estate development.

As hotel manager Zoltán Géher highlighted in his speech,”all participants who contributed to the conception, the planning, the 15-month implementation and the nearly 2-year-long operation of the Hotel have the right to be proud. The ’Oscar’ of real estate development will be a source of enthusiasm and inspiration for all of us to win even more prestigious awards in the growing competition.”