Hungarian Tourism Quality Award 2012

2012. 05. 01.


Hungarian Tourism Quality Award 2012

In 2011 among the new candidates the Continental Hotel Budapest****Superior also received the Hungarian Tourism Quality Award. On March 1st 2012 at the official opening ceremony of the Travel exhibition I took over the award on stage from Erik Bánki, Chairman of the National Sport and Tourism Committee and Gergely Horváth, Chairman of the Hungarian National Tourism Office. This year 2 restaurants and 17 hotels were able to get their once received Q-sign renewed. Further six hotels and one restaurant received the honor for the first time.

The Hungarian Tourism Quality Award program was launched in January 2006 for hotels and restaurants. It differentiates those Hungarian tourism service providers, who made and make continuous special efforts in order to improve their quality of service. The award entitles the winners to use the 2Q sign, which justifies the compliance with the European criteria.

It is also the sign of TRUST, which indicates for the tourists that within its category the tourism enterprise meets and exceeds the quality requirements. The award gives a guarantee that the service provider actually meets the expected requirements within its category taking into consideration the expectations of guests and the profession.