Media Architecture Award 2010

2010. 11. 16.

The reconstruction of Continental Hotel Budapest****Superior, the former Hungária Bath was commissioned by the 2010 Media Architecture Award

The Media Architecture Award was commissioned by a jury - consisted of mainly journalists  and the general public- out of the very best eight plans and completed buildings on November 16th, 2010. This evening the building of Continental Hotel Budapest****Superior, the former complex of Hungaria Bath and Continental Hotel gained full marks of the jury. This was a steady decision of the jury  appreciating the plans of the architects, Mr. Péter Vékony and Mr. Péter Hegedűs.

The reborn after a long-lasting and painfulruination of the 180 years old former bath and hotel complex into a 272 room hotel was possible by the investment of ZeinaHotel Ltd. After the legal problems of the property ZeinaHotel Ltd. enchanted an intimate and spectacular oasis into the heart of the city in 14 months. The rembrance of Hungaria Bath – thanks to the architects – reborn in Continental Hotel Budapest.