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Continental Hotel Budapest was one of the venues of the 18 days film shooting of the film Casino from Mr. Miklos Szurdi on 7th October, 2010. The film is produced by Filmteam Ltd., led by Mr. Istvan Major, cameraman is Mr. Mark Győri. The screenplay is written by the director of the legendary film „Family Ltd.” Mr. Miklós Szurdi and Mr. Levente Moravecz.

The film is featured by such famous actors and actresses like Ms. Agi Voith, Mr. Győző Szabó, Ms. Barbara Xantus, Mr. Péter Kálloy Molnár and so on.

The shooting itself was an unforgattable experience int he life of the hotel too, since our Kitti Varga, Marketing Assistant got up at 4 o’clock int he morning together with the staff  and she coordinated the entire shooting. There was no problem at all since we were perfectlyprepared for the day. Guest were also enjoying the shooting and they were all watching it with great curiosity asking what’s going on in the hotel.

Casino is the world of the dreams a venue where bids are continously taken and the wheel never stops. This ois valid for the hotel too since the hotel is in a constant pulsation too the the dreams of the guests come true in this magical environment called Continental Hotel Budapest.


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109 €

Budapest Splash

Probieren Sie mit uns den einzigen amphibischen Bus des Kontinentes mit dem Budapest Splash Paket aus, mit dem Sie die Stadt besichtigen können. Unser 3-nächtiges Standard - Angebot enthält neben der unvergesslichen Stadtbesichtigung weitere besondere Dienstleistungen.


139 €

Wellness Break

Wir bieten Ihnen unbegrenzte Wellnessbenüztung während des 3-nächtigen Verwöhnenden Tage Paket im Continental Spa an.
Das Paket enthält Massage und Mineralwasser im Zimmer.