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I would have not thought that the acceptance process of the meal tickets last so long. We have have been starting already an intensive campaign tp promote our lunch menu a month ago. A new selection and a new proce structure has been set up for two and three course - quick however still  elelgant – meals for lunch. There were flyers desinged and printed, the sitribution was organized. We have appleied all the classica campaign tricks for the success, one element was however still missing: the acceptance of meal coupons.


Some days ago finally this problem was solved too and the number of guests in ARAZ Restaurant increased significantly. We accept three coupons: Sodexo, Le Cheque Dejeneur and Ticket Restaurant. In convesations with the guests it turned out, that there is a need for lunch in a pleasant nevironment, away from the daily work, it is necessary to relax during the day too, even with colleagues.  A lot of people have the possibility to break away from work for 30-40 minutes and to come over from Buda to our ARAZ Restaurant for the good kitchen and for the good prices. We in our ARAZ Restaurant offer healthy, light, but stodge food using stuff changing our menu on a weekly basis.


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139 €

Wellness Break

Wir bieten Ihnen unbegrenzte Wellnessbenüztung während des 3-nächtigen Verwöhnenden Tage Paket im Continental Spa an.
Das Paket enthält Massage und Mineralwasser im Zimmer.


139 €


Mit unserem Gourmet-Paket Angebot haben Sie die Möglichkeit, die wahren kulinarischen Schatzen des Restaurants "ARAZ" zu erfahren. Mit unserem 2-nächtigen Paket laden wir Sie zu einem speziellen 4-trächtigen Menü, zu dem wir Ihnen die besten Weine anbieten, ein.