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2015. 02. 20.
A touching message arrived in my inbox one day. Four students thanked our hotel staff for having helped them out of their tight situation.
2015. 02. 19.
At the press conference held on 9th February 2015 at Gerbeaud in Budapest, the Hungarian Chaine Society announced that the forthcoming Youth Chef World Championship is to be organized in Hungary. Along with several other business, schools and organizations, it is a great honour for Continental Hotel Budapest to be a partner in successfully organizing such a prestigious international competition.
2015. 01. 27.
Three things that are of importance when investing in real estate: „Location, location, location” – said Lord Harold Samual, British estate developer in the mid 1900s. Well, this timeless saying was one of the main aspects, when our choice fell on the building in Vigyázó Ferenc Street (in district V) with a view to achieving the Prestige Hotel Budapest with 85 rooms.
2014. 12. 01.
Our successful participation in the competition Website of the Year 2014 has been a great honour for us, as it is the most prestigious event of the domestic online communications industry.
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