St. Martin’s Day at ARAZ!

St. Martin’s Day is the last opportunity before the 40-days Advent Lent when we can feast and rejoice. A goose meal and the new wine mustn’t be missing from the table, as the saying goes:

„Those who don’t eat goose on St. Martin’s Day will hunger all year long, and those who don’t drink new wine will thirst all year long.”

If you want to make sure this doesn’t happen to you by any chance, come to the ARAZ Restaurant, where you can have festive goose meals and matching new wines all week!


07-14. November 2014. Chef's special:

❖Smoked goose soup with plum 1190 HUf
❖Goose ragout soup, galushka noodles with chanterelles 1190 HUF


❖ Lentil salad with smoked goose liver 1750 HUF



Main Courses:
❖ Thyme goose leg, boiled millets with goose-giblets and chestnut sauce 2990 HUF
❖ Sholet with stuffed gooseneck and quail eggs 2900 HUF
❖ Roasted bread filled with goose liver and onion jam for Martin’s Day 3290 HUF





❖ Araz goose leg (Chocolate cake with cream) 1090 HUF
❖ Chestnut Puree with Dried Fruits and Pálinka 1090 HUF
❖ Plum pie with blackberry 1090 HUF



Feast of St. Martin’s menu with new wine and the Chef’s offer 6990 HUF
Welcome drink: Figula Zenit 2014

Smoked goose soup with plum/ Takler Rosé 2014
Thyme goose leg, boiled millets with goose-giblets and chestnut sauce/ Dúzsi Marci 2014
Araz goose leg (Chocolate cake with cream)/ Vylyan Bogyólé 2014


Our new wines:


  • Figula Zenit 2014         (790 Ft/glass)
  • Takler Rozé 2014         (790 Ft/glass)
  • Dúzsi Marci 2014          (790 Ft/glass)
  • Beaujolais 2014           (790 Ft/glass)
  • Vylyan Bogyólé 2014    (850 Ft/glass)


Telefon: +36 1-815-1100
E-mail: araz@araz.hu


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