Gallery Café

Another important element of the hotel’s gastronomic offering is the Gallery Café situated on the faithfully restored gallery level, where the main entrance is found.

The world of Pest coffee houses was a very significant element of the turn-of-the-century bourgeois gastronomy. Previously, guests of the former Continental Hotel included artists and writers, such as the poet, Attila József, which were regular customers of the Hungaria Coffee House and frequently also used the services of the Hungária Spa.

In our coffee house we wish to evoke that era by offering Hungarian coffee specialities of the period, such as the Habos Kávé (“foamy coffee”), Hosszú Kávé (“long coffee”), Kapucíner (with whipped cream and chocolate chips), Kis Barna (“little brown”) and Nagy Barna (“large brown”).

The menu includes sandwich specialties, various delicious salads and a range of cocktails. In our café section we offer the specialties of MolinariCafe such as Con Panna, French press, Babycino, and ‘All’ novo.

We are pleased to inform our guests that the Molinari Cinque Stelle coffee  won the "COFFEE of the YEAR 2011 " professional award. We are  proud of it!

The Corporate Lounge can be also found on the level of the Gallery Café where we offer our guests complimentary internet access.

We shouldn’t forget to mention that our faithfully restored gallery served as the box of the Kamara Motion Picture Theatre and later the Tarka Stage in the period following the closure of the Hungária Spa and its reconstruction. Our guests can savour their Kapucíner or Habos Kávé against this historical backdrop.

Opening hours: 9:00 a.m. - 01:00 a.m.

Coffee and Snack