Moving Feasts: Hungarian folk nights at Araz every Friday

Every Friday evening the ARAZ restaurant at the Continental Hotel Budapest takes on a unique atmosphere, blending Hungarian flavours with folk music and dance.

This is far more than a pleasant dinner in exceptionally elegant surroundings. The Hungarian Folk Embassy ensemble ensures a memorable night of traditional live music and dance performances presented alongside the delicious cuisine that Hungary is famous for.

Given the wide selection of choices in the all-you-can-eat buffet, it will be all too easy to forget how many Gundel pancakes one has enjoyed over the course of the evening.

Delicious buffet

Chef Áron Barka is responsible for dreaming up the selection of dishes that make up the sumptuous buffet. The evening is popular with guests from every corner of the world who get their fill of all kinds of delicious offerings.

Some of the favorites are the Hungarian specialty grey cattle goulash soup with homemade noodles called “csipetke”, and the catfish stew in paprika roux with ewe’s cottage cheese pasta, called “csusza”. Another popular choice is the crispy bacon and sour cream goose leg with “káposztás cvekedli” – a mix of noodles and steamed cabbage. Meanwhile, the world-famous Gundel pancake beckons guests back for a second helping of dessert.

This complete menu provides a true taste of Hungarian cuisine:

Welcome drink:
Pálinka (fruit brandy) or a glass of Hungarian sparkling wine

Grey cattle goulash soup with homemade noodles

Hungarian specialty products including goose cracklings
Duck liver roasted in its own fat
Homemade mixed pickles
Salad buffet with a choice of dressing

Main courses:
Catfish stew in paprika roux with ewe’s cottage cheese pasta, crispy bacon and sour cream
Goose leg with noodles and steamed cabbage
Budapest style pork tenderloin with rosemary roasted potatoes
Gödöllő style stuffed chicken with rice and green peas
“Lecsó” – a thick tomato and paprika ragout with egg and roasted Gyulai sausage

Sour cherry and cottage cheese strudel
Gundel pancake
Poppy seed bread pudding with vanilla sauce

Three glasses of wine accompany your meal. You can select from Kadarka, Kéknyelű and Rosé wines produced in three Hungarian wine regions. Or why not try all three!

This luxurious buffet offers a huge variety of choices and delectable flavors. And considering that we’re talking about Araz, it’s no surprise that only the best-quality ingredients and Hungarian spices are incorporated into each meal. This complete Friday-evening meal where you can have your fill of Hungarian food alongside live-music and dance costs only 8,490 HUF.

A night of culture

During the Friday evening gatherings that last from 7pm to 10pm, Araz is packed with people from all over the world, and hearty smiles are found all around as guests try to pronounce the names of Hungarian dishes (more or less accurately).

All evening, live music is provided by the Hungarian Folk Embassy band playing catchy tunes from the regions of Szatmár (located in both Hungary and Romania), Kalotaszeg (Țara Călatei, Romania), Mezőség (the Transylvania Plain, Romania) and Székelyföld (Szeklerland, Romania).

The highlight of the evening is a 20-minute folk dance performance, when the jam-packed restaurant resounds with applause.

The Araz soirées are a unique experience of Budapest, and they’re one of the most satisfying introductions a foreigner could have to Hungarian culture.




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