Főoldal Elismerések Chaine des Rotisseurs 2011


Chaine des Rotisseurs 2011

2011. 04. 01.

The success of ARAZ Restaurant's leaders

Áron Barka chef de cuisine and Ákos Kovács restaurant manager were selected as members, on the XIIIth International Meeting of Grand Chapitre, by the world organization, Chaine des Rotisseurs. This organization's main goal is to lift the standards of gastronomy and it was founded in 1248. Áron Barka received the rank of Chef Rôtisseur and Ákos Kovács received the title of Maître Restaurateur.

The Hungarian Gastronomic Club is the domestic organization of Chaine des Rotisseurs World Organization, which is working on lifting domestic gastronomic standards, along with exposing culinary culture's traditions and new tendencies in a wider range, since the January of 1990.

The members of the club, during their regular meetings, which are being organized in various places, follow the traditions of medieval roasters, relishing and appraising the prominent level of hospitality, the work of professional masters, the high level of culinary culture, the occasionally composed special menus, and wines matching the appropriate meals.

The club's next dinner will be organized in the ARAZ Restaurant on December 3rd 2011, which institution is plate-marked by the two new members' work.

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