Hungarian taste and music

    “Who has never belonged to any nation can never belong to the mankind....
    Only those people can become world citizens, who were the citizens of a county earlier”

    /Kodály Zoltán/

    So that not only the body, but also the soul can find nourishment!

    The ARAZ restaurant of the Continental Hotel Budapest and the Hungarian FolkEmbassy have undertaken a common project; they have set the objective of including the Hungarian dishes and folk music in the everyday life within the frameworks of a high standard entertainment.

    Hungarian taste

    Here, at the The ARAZ restaurant, our guests are expected with traditional Hungarian flavours, with a buffet table selection made up by our chef, Barka Áron every Friday, week by week. The popular Grey Cattle Goulash Soup with Homemade Pinched Noodles, Catfish Stew with Ewe’s Cottage-cheese Pasta, Goose Leg and “Cvekedli” Pasta with Steamed Cabbage, furthermore Poppy-seed Dumplings with Vanilla Sauce come to the table. Our dishes are offered with a wine selection - that fits the dishes perfectly - from 3 Hungarian wine regions: Kadarka, Kéknyelű and Rosé wines.

    Hungarian music

    Our guests can enjoy their meals while listening to non-stop background music, and after 8 p.m. they can view a presentation of 20 minutes with informative explanations in a few sentences (on request, it is also presented in English, German, Italian and Polish). With help of the dancers performing within the frameworks of the programme, you can get acquainted with the folk costumes and dances of that certain region, as well as with the traditional or the big string orchestra line-up; two violins, three- or four-stringed violas, dulcimer, bass. The guests can enjoy the folk music of Szatmár, Kalotaszeg, Mezőség and Székely Land and other regions provided by the Hungarian Folk Embassy and its friends under the leading of two Junior Prima Award winners.

    Hungarian soul

    The aim of this evening is to serve not only the foreign guests of the Hotel, but the visitors from Budapest as well; to provide an opportunity for those people, who are keen on refined entertainment of high standards, and last but not least it also offers an elegant meeting place for the representative reception of foreign guests.

    Date: From the 6th of January 2017, every Friday evening 7 p.m.


    Welcome drink:

    • Pálinka or a glass of Hungarian sparkling wine


    • Grey Cattle Goulash Soup with Home-made Pinched Noodles


    • Cold Goose Breast Slices
    • Roast in Duck Liver’s Fat
    • Cold Smoked Knuckle with Boiled Eggs and Horseradish Sauce
    • Homemade Mixed Pickles
    • Salad Buffet and Dressings

    Main dishes:

    • Catfish Stew with Ewe’s Cottage-Cheese Pastal
    • Goose Leg with Stewed Cabbage and Mashed Potatoes with Onion
    • Csáki Style Roast with Roasted Rosemary Potatoes
    • Roasted Chicken with buttered Noodles
    • Stuffed Cabbagea


    • Szabolcsi Style Poppy Seed Cake with Apple and Vanilla Custard
    • Gundel Pancake
    • Somlói Galuska (Hungarian trifle)

    Price: 10.490 HUF/person

    Please note that we have an additional 10% service charge.

    Arrival: until 6:50 p.m. Please, keep the arrival time accurately.

    Pre-booking is required due to the limited capacity.

    Prices include unlimited food consumption, 3 glasses of wine per person and the programme with live music.

    Free parking in our underground parking lot in Nyár Street.

    Table reservation

    Other options for reservation:

    • Telephone: +36 1-815-1100
    • E-mail:

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