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Long-forgotten meals in new presentation

We are happy to inform our esteemed patrons that Ákos Kovács – Restaurant Manager – and Áron Barka – Chef de Cuisine – are offering a new selection of dishes from 9 August 2016 at the ARAZ Restaurant!

While upholding the ARAZ image that many are accustomed to by now, we have added the most exquisite masterpieces of Hungarian and French cuisine to the menu. In this manner, we present to you forgotten dishes of a bygone period, combined with the latest state-of-the-art kitchen technology of the 21st century and the exciting creations of our Chef, Áron Barka.

AAfter discovering the tasty appetizers, such as Goose liver trio with toasted butter milk loaf or “A taste from the attic”, composed of domestic 'Hungarikum' products, one notices the Truffle seasoned goulash soup Royal ’16. At a French dinner evening, Sándor Csíki - an author of Food&Wine - came up with the spontaneous proposal of creating a fine dining goulash soup version modelled on the soup of Paul Bocuse. Our chef stepped up to this opportunity and the final outcome was so splendid that the dish dubbed Goulash Royal ‘16 with truffles is now mentioned as a serious competitor of Paul Bocuse’s Soupe aux truffes noires V.G.E.

Moving on to the entrées, Sole Véronique welcomes us as a surprise, which is once again a classic French dish that has been forgotten by now. It was inspired by the scent and taste of a special type of champagne. The backbone of this dish is provided by fresh fish, the exhilarating crunchiness of fennel, a bugle of black lentils, the taste of fresh grapes and a smooth butter sauce made from fish bones. As we keep flipping through the pages, dishes such as Pike pearch a ’la Mornay and our unparalleled Tenderloin a ’la kossuth with cognac sauce compete for the attention of the patrons.

Perusing the dessert card, we may recall old favourites of our childhood, such as the creamy Cardinal cake or “Women’s whimsy” with its golden apricot jam, as well as Continental cake, inspired by the boundless imagination of our chef and team of confectioners. It is unmatched and exclusive in terms of both appearance and taste. It has a great chance of becoming everyone’s favourite, since it's made from sugar-free and gluten-free ingredients and contains layers of ganache with lavender and white chocolate, dark chocolate mousse with coffee, red cranberry jelly as well as a bastion of macarone which serves as the foundation of the cake.

When compiling the menu, we again took special care to providing everyone with dishes which match their taste and needs. Our menu also contains vegetarian, gluten-free, lactose-free and diabetes-friendly dishes.

We look forward to treating you to an exciting fine dining adventure!

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