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We are happy to inform our esteemed patrons that Dávid Sinkó – Restaurant Manager – and Áron Barka – Chef de Cuisine – are offering a new selection of dishes from the 8th of March 2019 at the ARAZ Restaurant!

Spring is the season of new begginings. From March, we are awaiting our guests with a new style and new supplies. For our renascence, of course it is essential to redesign our menu as well. We are awaiting our beloved guests with seasonal, continously changing plates according to the current season. Now that it is springtime, the main role is played by the fresh, handmade ingredients in Áron Barka’s creations. Our drink menu adjusts to the new features, and offers fresh, seasonal and unique cocktails accodingly, besides the usual alcoholic bevarages, soft and hot drinks.

After discovering our tasty cold appetizers, such as the Foie gras Magnum with hazelnut, cranberries, beetroot and brioche, or the Hungarian cold bits, fresh bread with lard spread which is made of our traditional Hungaricum products, we are immediatley distracted by the combination of the Morel mushroom cream soup and coriander oil. This type of mushroom only comes once a year, springtime, when any other type of mushroom is rare, so it perfectly fits into our seasonal offers. Our hot appetizer is the encounter of Waffle, goat cheese and rockets, creating a true speciality.

Reaching the main courses, we are welcomed by the Salmon, spinach, sugar snap peas, onion in red wine, butter pastry, champagne velouté. The fresh fish, the game of the spinach and snap peas, the softness of the butter pastry and champagne velouté gives the spine of the plate.

Moving forward, the Glazed pork ribs, spicy hommade crisps, coleslaw with pear and the Beef tenderloin fois gras, mushrooms, Madeira sauce is competing for our guests’ grace among other delicious courses.

Reading through the desserts, we may recall old Hungarian favourites from our childhood, such as the Cottage cheese dumplings, white chocolate, almond, sour cream as well as a mouth-watering Dark chocolate variation. Although, you can still find on the list our Continental cake, inspired by the boundless imagination of our chef and team of confectioners. It is unmatched and exclusive in terms of both appearance and taste. It has a great chance of becoming everyone’s favourite, since it's made from sugar-free and gluten-free ingredients and contains layers of ganache with lavender and white chocolate, dark chocolate mousse with coffee, red cranberry jelly as well as a bastion of macarone which serves as the foundation of the cake.

While compiling the menu, we again took special care providing everyone with dishes that match their taste and needs. Our menu also contains vegetarian, gluten-free, lactose-free and diabetes-friendly dishes.

We look forward to treating you to an exciting fine dining adventure!

You can get more information about our restaurant continously on the website and Facebook page of ARAZ Restaurant.


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