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20. 02. 2015.

A touching message arrived in my inbox one day. Four students thanked our hotel staff for having helped them out of their tight situation. Not one staff member expected any money, reward or publicity from them, especially since the students themselves were on a charity trip. I thought I would share this story with my readers, and I trust our helpfulness and selflessness would set them a great example applicable for their everyday lives. I express my gratitude to Attila Eleőd, Ádám Wein and Imre Bíró Kozma for their unselfish assistance.

"Dear Management Team of the Continental Hotel Budapest,

we are a group of four students from the University of Applied Sciences in Soest, working on different charity projects throughout Europe. Last week we started a Rallye through Europe, starting in Germany, where we wanted to bring financial and material goods to different orphanages in Romania, Greece and Italy. This brought us to Budapest on the 10th of February (last Tuesday), were one of our 2 cars unfortunaly overheated. At this time we were just around the corner of your Hotel, looking for a safe and lighted place, were we could repair the car. Your concierge at that evening (unfortunaley we were too confused by the situation to remember his name) was extermely nice and let us use your garage free of charge. I hope that he woun't be getting into any trouble because of that. On the next morning (11th of February) we originally planned to drive to Timisoara, but unfortunately we discovered upon entering your garage, that the other car broke down (we later figured out that rear axle was broken). The concierge working at that time was Adam Wein and he was extremely helpful by mediating between the hungarian Auto Club and the german one. Further more one of your technicians proved to be helpful by assisting us with the Auto Club. Please let your employees know that we a utterly grateful for their assitance and help.

Sadly we needed to end our journey in Budapest and returned yesterday evening to Germany.

Best greetings from Soest

Carmen, Veronika, Maik and Philipp"

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