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Kitti Szász’s, four-time female freestyle football world champion, show

12. 06. 2015.

Kitti Szász, four-time female freestyle football world champion, fascinated many people with her incredible knowledge at our hotel recently. Her show contained  a flawless, energetic and musical choreography combined with acrobatic elements.

It has been a long time since I am fond of football. I used to be active participant of football matches, I have my favourite football teams still or exactly that is why it has been so impressive to see that the football is in absolute synch with the sportswoman and has exactly played as she inteded it to. However, all this is the result of long years of hard work.

From an early age Kitti had been playing sports, on the other hand she only got to know freestyle football when she was 16. On one of the video sharing portals she saw a video about Soufiane Touzani, a Dutch freestyle footballer, which inspired her so much that she started practicing tricks right afterwards. As she said, at first she was wondering if one day she could do the tricks she had have seen on the internet.

Since she have not had a trainer she tried her best to copy what she had have seen in videos on the internet. Firstly without the ball, her aim was to pick up the movements and to develop her staying power , as every single trick requires different kind of muscle to be trained. At present, after 6 years she is a four-time female world champion  (2014. Liberec, 2013. Tokyo, 2012. Lecce, 2011. Prague) and in its interest the daily 2-hour long trainings are indispensable. Moreover, she is invited to several shows in Hungary and abroad as well, so thus it is particularly makes us proud that we could welcome her at our hotel.

After her show she also offered our guests to help them in acquiring a couple of tricks. Her voluntaries did not have an easy task, that is when they realised what a complex sport it is. The combination of staying power, exactitude, persistence, and sense of rhythm is neccessitated but there is not many who can provide it all.

Anyway Kitti was showing and explaning her tricks with patience until finally the most persistent and enthusiastic  guests left with knowledge of a new trick.

I would like to thank you, Kitti for the experience. That was a sporty, refreshing afternoon for us. We wish that the hard work would fructify in the future too.

From left to right: Kitti Varga- Marketing Manager, Kitti Szász  -four-time female freestyle football world champion és Zoltán Géher - General Manager

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