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    Masquerade Party at Continental Hotel Budapest

    31. 03. 2017.

    Winter spirits driven out, we are already waiting for the summer to return. On the 21st February 2017 Continental Hotel Budapest invited its sales and marketing partners for a carefree masquerade party to close this long and cold winter season.

    You couldn’t imagine a funnier scene, but my colleagues from the sales and marketing department – usually wearing their beautifully designed new uniforms (what we are going to have a separate post later-on) – turning into DarthVaders, ninjas, ladybugs, Egyptian goddesses. To tell you the truth, it was probably the loveliest feature of the evening, proving their ability to be as friendly and amiable, as they are in private life, putting aside the strict business requirements.

    Besides the “surprise factor” being in costumes, we provided our much appreciated business partners with an excellent reception, as well as great live music, provided by one of the most popular party bands of Hungary.

    It was altogether such an astonishing experience to see all these people having fun together, dancing, chatting about everything, but work, enjoying themselves within the walls, which are usually serving as their workplace

    The feedback from my co-workers and our partners are telling me again, that it is always a good idea to entertain our business partners in a completely different environment, escaping the weekdays. It definitely eases the process of cooperation and truly is a returning investment in the long run also in absolute figures.

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