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Study tour in the prestige hotel budapest

27. 01. 2015.

Three things that are of importance when investing in real estate: „Location, location, location” – said Lord Harold Samual, British estate developer in the mid 1900s. Well, this timeless saying was one of the main aspects, when our choice fell on the building in Vigyázó Ferenc Street (in district V) with a view to achieving the Prestige Hotel Budapest with 85 rooms. However, it is not enough in itself. The building must be individual and unique; it is essential to have fantasy to put the rooms into shape, we can also cater for the comfort and needs of our guests with help of a relaxation section, a conference room and a wide range of services of the highest standards. However, even this all is worth nothing if we cannot break away from everyday things. It is easy to find a modern hotel in Budapest, but we wanted something more elegant. Something classical and spectacular; a place where one enters and the giant Swarovski chandelier, the six-stories-high atrium as well as the sunshine streaming in through the  glass-roof and making the floor covering sprinkled over with SICIS bronze granules glitter take his breath away. And it is only the lobby.

The house with circular gallery built in 1860, which constitutes a benchmark of the monocracy and the bourgeois elegance, allows you to enjoy this view from the balcony of each room in case you are fed up with the vintage style of the room. You do not need to worry, as the vintage-furniture and especially the daring, hand-made English silk tapestries will make your nights spent there unforgettable.

The first official study tour took place on the 26th and 27th of January. The construction works are still in progress, so everyone got a helmet and while Varga Kitti, Pre-opening Marketing Manager was showing the bloggers and journalists interested through the house, each builder kept working busily – the balustrade of the balcony of the facade was being installed at that time – in order to meet the deadlines. What we consider really good is that guests will populate the now empty building from the first of April on, bookings are getting in one after the other. That is to say, we are working not only on the spot, but also with the Pre-opening team at Hotel Continental.

During the study tour, we could also learn about the story of the house designed by Hild József. The prominent figure of the Classicistic architecture designed and built hundreds of houses, there are some even in this region. The palace mentioned above is one of his late works and after the master’s death, it was finished by the architect Zofahl Lőrinc  in early eclectic style. After the building had ceased to have a residential function, it was used as an office block and it has been empty since 2004. Based on the plans of Hegedűs Péter master builder, Vörös Virág, and Sáfrány Csilla interior designers, who have already proven their talents with the previous two hotels, the hotel development began in 2014, keeping the values of the building and considering the needs of the 2000s at the same time.

Even a special guest joined us to visit the house. Gerendai Károly, the owner of the Restaurant Costes Downtown to be housed in the hotel, talked about the new Costes, which will mean a great attraction not only to the hotel, but it will also attract the gastro-fans of Budapest. It is no wonder, as the restaurant has got on the list of the 25 best restaurants of the world. However, the service in thread gloves has been replaced by a looser style and a friendlier environment, of course, the excellent fine dining cuisine has been kept unchanged. Chef Miguel Rocha Vieira will ensure the high standards in both restaurants and will do his best to gain the Michelin star for the new place, too. Or rather the second, as the new place will use the most modern technological solutions ever and it will be twice as big as the other one, so there will be a chef’s table as well as an open-view kitchen.

We are looking forward to the opening and the cooperation and we are sure that all Prestige guests will be fully satisfied with the services of the hotel and the Costes breakfast.

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