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The story of a successful day

25. 06. 2015.

It was the beginning of a new day at Continental Hotel Budapest.  It has been a long time since I am aware of the fact the every day has its surprises. In a hotel with almost 300 rooms, besides serving our guests, executing events, constant developments we hardly ever have time to sit back satisfiedly and calmly. On the other hand I truly believe that we have to learn how to live the successes and special moments.

Matter a fact, this was the reason I decided to write this blog, since it is my pleisure to proudly announce that the same day 3 relevant happenings made me to say, we have the reason to celebrate. One of them is a totaly new categorization in the history of Hungarian hotels.

The Ministry of National Economy with the support of the Hungarian Hotel and Restaurant Association have advertised an invitation to tender about getting accepted to the Hungarian National Values and Hungaricums within the branch of Tourism and hospitality. The aim of the invitation meant to be indentifying those quarters by their architecture and the quality of their services provided that could be classed National Values according to the Act on Hungarian National values and Hungaricums.

With a particular focus on our hotel’s  method of value preservation and the upgrading of the community’s standards of living could we be accepted to the Hungarian Repository of Values, and will operate as Hungarian National values from now on.

Our hotel is the transmission of the legendary Hungária Spa and the historical and well-known Continental  Hotel , as the old,  almost gazed-to-the -ground, ruined art nouveau building was given back its one-time glamour when it opened for the public again in 2010 with the name Continental Hotel Budapest.

The fact that our work is recognized with a pretty new but grander recognition was a pleisure on its own, however another good news reached me on that day.

The congratulated with a certificate concerning being awarded excellent by our guests constantly in the past 5 years. In that big rush we are working and living in I truly admit I have not even realised that 5 years just have passed.

We celebrated our 5th birthday on that day. 5 beautiful years, plenty of memories and stories that we gladly recall. Awards and recognitions, the feedback of satisfied guests all increased the experiences of the past years. We hope, there are several succesful years to come and we believe that the first 5 years were just the beginning in the busy life of Continental Hotel Budapest****superior!

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