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Our venue offer for wedding photoshoot

We know exactly that to achieve perfection during a wedding photoshoot, it is essential to feel comfortable and natural - so that you can really give yourself, and experience the photoshoot as a multitude of unforgettable memories spent together. And this cannot be achieved without choosing the perfect venue. We would like to help with that.

Continental Hotel Budapest****Superior, where the unique combination of the romance of the last century and the technology of the present comes to life ...

Our hotel has been revived from the ashes of the former Hungária Bath and Continental Hotel. It was born as an oasis in the city center, meeting the expectations of the 21st century combined with traditional Hungarian hospitality. With our services, we enchant the luxury elegant metropolitan environment into a home. The huge interior, the monumental columns covered with mosaics and marble, the glazed ceiling on which the sunlight shines brightly, the harmony of the imposing bronze revolving door, and the beautiful furnishings create a stunningly elegant and special world. Countless couples have chosen us as the location for their wedding or engagement photography sessions, beautiful pictures have been taken, thank you for the photos Lilla Lakatos and Gergely Jancsó.

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Price: HUF 20.000 / hour

Package contents: The couple has unlimited use of the public areas of the hotel. We provide parking for one car in our underground garage during the photoshoot. Our offer is valid only in case of personal use of the images!

In case you would like to use a room for the photo session or preparation as well, feel free to contact us for our personalized offer!

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Telefonszám: +36 30 252 1306

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